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St. Brendan, Minnesota

By André Partridge

Population:  32,234

The Area
• 34.04 sq miles (City)
• 32.07 sq miles (Land)
• 2.07 sq miles (Water)
Elevation:  3,169 ft (965 meters)
Time Zone:  Central Time
86.16 % (White American)
0.81 % (African American)
8.42 % (Native American)
0.78% (Asian American)
1.35% (Hispanic American)
0.36 % (Other Race)
3.43 % (Mixed Race)
13,130 Households
28.06 % (Children under 18)
41.66 % (Married Couples)
12 % (Single Women)
5.03% (Single Men)
41.96 % (Non-Families)
34.3 % (Individuals)
14.58 % (People Over 65)
2.26 (Average Household Size)
2.85 (Average Family Size)
37.56 (Median Age)
48.0 % (Male) and 52.1 % (Female)
St. Brendan, Minnesota
This is a fictional city in Minnesota that I literally made up on the fly using demographical statistics and data that I found about the Midwestern towns of  Oscoda, Michigan
Ossineke, Michigan, St. Ignace, Michigan, Brainerd, Minnesota, Bemidji, Minnesota. which they are all suppose to be the alleged "hometown" of the American folk hero Paul Bunyan. So....there's that...I guess.

By André Partridge

The child that will eventually become Bellona was raised by two criminal parents who stole and murdered indiscriminately all across the American Midwest. After their massive crime spree, the girl parents took her with them and they were all forced travel all across the United States on the run from the law. But when the young girl asked why the police were always chasing them on night, her father just simply responded that they were ‘trying to bring them to justice’; making the child think that ‘justice’ was an actual place. They were eventually ambushed and cornered by the local police in Las Vegas and gunned down before her very eyes in a “Bonnie and Clyde” style shoot-out and her hair instantly turned stark white from the shock of the whole horrific event. Then soon afterwards she later swore an oath on their graves, dedicating her entire life to destroying all systems of law, order, and justice throughout the world as the infamous anti-establishment terrorist known simply as Bellona. Using her parents' several large hidden caches of money that her parents had acquired over the years. Upon her sixteenth birthday, she blackmailed the local crime bosses in Las Vegas into giving him even more money so she can use these funds to finance her training all over the world. she quickly learned how to fight, kill and assassinate to further develop and hone her skills and by taking several heinous  jobs and occupations along the way such as becoming an underground pit-fighter in Brazil; a mercenary in Africa and by even joining several terrorist organizations  in the Middle East. She even learned how to speak in several dozen different languages in her spare time as well such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. And after avenging her parents' deaths by murdering the police officers who shot them, she attended several prestigious universities across the country studying and researching in several scientific fields such as bioengineering, advanced robotics and cybernetics and quantum physics all the while associating herself with the social elite to learn all of their secrets. And utilizing her extensive range of weaponry, technology and equipment of her own design such as the use of two custom made assault rifles and revolver pistols with several technological features and attachments and her cybernetic battle-amour and helmet that not only enhances her already peak-human physical abilities to near-superhuman levels but also has a built in artificial intelligence in her armor and helmet that is not only is capable of completely analyze, memorize and  completely copy another person’s movements and fighting styles perfectly but also can rapidly calculate and deploy a variety of strategies and countermeasures instantly and simultaneously during the heat of battle or combat. She can also extract and download the knowledge, skills and information of others directly through the use of her cybernetic helmet and send it directly into her brain via a neurological link that is connected to her central nervous system.

Some Characteristics

Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: Terrorist, Mercenary, Assassin
Base: Las Vegas, New York City
Height: 6' 10"Weight: 280 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White (formerly Black)
This is just a simple comic book supervillain idea that has been floating around in my head for a i hope you all like it.
DC’S Tiger Shark (My Version)

Fictional character biography

The Tiger Shark also known as Dr. William Richard Geiger was a famed oceanographer and marine biologist who was known for his many discoveries in his field. But due to his own boredom and greed, he led himself to a life of crime and piracy. Donning a black, white and red diving costume complete with a helmet and black cargo pants with white tiger stripes, Geiger adopted a secret identity as the Tiger Shark. Recruiting a local dockside gang of criminals to do his bidding and thus building his own criminal empire, Tiger Shark led his new gang of thugs to their mobile headquarters in a gigantic yacht called the S.S. Phantom 200 miles from shore. Tiger Shark became a brilliant criminal mastermind plotting a series of spectacular crime sprees at sea and Gotham City's waterfront. In due time, Batman and Robin took an interest in Tiger Shark's crime spree and used the "bat-submarine" to help them apprehend Tiger Shark. The tracking devices on the bat-submarine were successful at apprehending Tiger Shark. Ironically, the "bat-submarine" that Batman and Robin used to captured Tiger Shark had been designed especially for their use by Dr. Geiger himself, much to the surprise of both parties after Tiger Shark was unmasked by Batman and his true identity exposed. Years later, Tiger Shark appears again in the "Hungry City" story. This time, Tiger shark tried to invest "dirty money" in the GGM Bank (which was owned by Tony Zucco's daughter Sonia Zucco). One day later, a corpse of a killer whale was found in the lobby of the GGM Bank. When Batman (Dick Grayson) meets up with Commissioner Gordon to talk with Sonia Zucco, she says that one of her tellers was found dead inside the killer whale right in the middle of the lobby. Commissioner Gordon suspects that someone is intimidating Sonia Zucco into opening her bank to a criminal element. When Batman takes down the gun-running criminal Roadrunner and wanted to know who tipped him off, he learns from Roadrunner that the person who tipped him off was a woman who worked for Tiger Shark. When Roadrunner is brought to Gotham City Police Department, he makes a deal for a reduced sentence to District Attorney Spencer that Tiger Shark is planning to leave town with several rare animals to sell over the black market. Batman and Robin (Tim Drake) stake out and find Tiger Shark's yacht where Commissioner Gordon tells him that Roadrunner was right about Tiger Shark smuggling rare animals where it turns out that Tiger Shark had stolen some exotic birds from the Gotham City Aviary. Batman and Robin board Tiger Shark's yacht where they ended up fighting Tiger Shark's men. Tiger Shark knocks Batman into the yacht's pool which contained a crazed killer whale. Robin defeats Tiger Shark's men and makes his way to the pool where he uses Killer Whale Repellent on Batman to keep the killer whale away, but Tiger Shark had already gotten away in his submarine and had activated a bomb to detonate the yacht. The Dynamic Duo rescued the animals and released the killer whale into the ocean before the yacht exploded. In The New 52, Tiger Shark fights with Batman aboard his yacht. Batman defeats Tiger Shark and demands to know how Talon got into Wayne Towers on the east side (which was Tiger Shark's domain). Tiger Shark declines answering and unleashes a white tiger on him. The battle is interrupted by Harper Row who runs Tiger Shark's yacht into the shore. Batman then defeats Tiger Shark.

Powers and Abilities

The Tiger Shark is a brilliant criminal mastermind able to plan spectacular crimes at sea and on Gotham's coast that are three steps ahead of his enemies. He possesses a personal arsenal of underwater-use weapons. Tiger Shark also almost always carries a pair of handguns on his person at all times. Also, Tiger Shark and his henchmen used special underwater diving suits that enable them to maneuver on and underwater.
DC’s Orca (My Version)

Fictional Character Biography

Grace Bailey attends Gotham Gate College and quickly becomes fascinated with the ocean. She receives a PhD in Marine Biology and Bio-Medicine and takes a job at the Gotham Aquarium. She is a very charitable person who funds an after-school program involving trips to the ocean for underprivileged youths. She also volunteers at a local soup kitchen and takes care of homeless whenever she can. Dr. Bailey is later involved in a tragic car accident that leaves her paralyzed and completely dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. She continues to work at the Gotham Aquarium until it is supposed to be closed for lack of funding.
Grace experiments with spinal cord tissue regeneration using Orca spinal cord tissue. The gene therapy studies and human experimentation that she was conducting is deemed too controversial and results in her loss of funding. It is implied that Grace used a chemical formula that she derived from an Orca in the Gotham Aquarium on herself and that this is what caused her to transform into The Orca. She is able to easily switch between being The Orca and her regular appearance as Dr. Bailey. Although she is apparently still paralyzed as Bailey even if The Orca is fully mobile.
The Orca begins a crime spree in Gotham City by stealing a valuable diamond called the Flame of Persia from rogue millionaire Camille Baden-Smythe. After the theft, Batman becomes involved. Orca's dedication to what she perceives as justice conflicts with Batman's attempts to see that everyone is entitled to legal protection even if he dislikes them personally. Orca aims to sell the diamond and use the proceeds to help fund several projects for underprivileged people all across Gotham City. After her attempt to sell the diamond back to Camille Baden-Smythe fails with the discovery that she had originally stolen the diamond in the first place, Orca attempts to kill her. Camille's security force shoots Orca several times, mortally wounding her. After an extensive underwater chase — Batman using an aquatic wetsuit — she begins changing back into Dr. Bailey in an underwater cavern, telling Batman that the only way that she can survive is if he gives her the rest of the chemical formula that turned her into Orca in the first place, and that this would permanently transform her into Orca. Although Camille tried to forbid Batman from giving her the formula, arguing that such an action would make Batman responsible for everyone she would subsequently kill, Batman states that every person is responsible for their own actions, as well as that he refuses to allow anyone to die. Having ingested the formula, Orca swims away, resolved to continue her current career. It is revealed that the jewel was then sold to its original owner and that the money was used to build a new recreation center near the aquarium as well as to "...gentrify a derelict waterfront tenement." Orca is not seen again until she appears as a prisoner in the Slab during the Joker’s "Last Laugh" riots. She is able to escape during the riots with King Shark.

Powers and Abilities

Orca has enhanced strength, speed and endurance, although her strength has not been enhanced to the point where a trained fighter like Batman would have significant trouble with her on land. Her main advantage lays in her exceptional swimming abilities, allowing her to be at complete ease in water, able to swim underwater for long periods without taking a breath, forcing Batman to use an aquatic costume to effectively confront her on equal terms.


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Well, im an american otaku living in a medium size red-neck city of Omaha Nebraska and i am also currently in Metro Community College. i love anime and manga and i wish i can show my artistic ideas but im not that good at putting them down on paper or computer, so i turned into a somewhat of a collector of exotic and bizzar artwork. and one day(and i hope it will be in the next 20 years or so) that i one day write a hit comic book or anime or manga for big companies like marvel,dc,shonenjump, heck even viz media. so yeah?.
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Well, the good news is that i've finally done with my FAFSA stuff for college. But the bad news is that i missed the deadline and it might or might not be too late for me to sign-up for classes in the fall and if it is too late then i have to wait until January to sign-up for classes to be an "official" student at there's that. 

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