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The Hour of the Dead in the manner of
“This Hour and What Is Dead” By Li-Young Li

Tonight my dog, with heavy paws, is walking
Through bare rooms over my head,
Opening and closing doors.
What could he be looking for in an empty house?  
What could he possibly need there in heaven?
Does he remember his time on earth?
His role in life being replaced?  
His love for me feels like a heavy anchor
Dragging me back to his soft earthly grave.

At this hour, the dead will walk among us
Restless and afraid of what is living.

Someone should tell him he should sleep now.

My mother keeps a picture of him by her bed  
And resides there in our memories
As his body lays back there in our backyard
Six-feet under,
For four and a half months at a time
His love for me feels like warm hug
After a long day of work and toil:
Various instances come to mind,
For all the ways we could have saved him
His body cleaned out with each stroke of the vets hands.

At this hour, what is dead will come alive  
And what is living will have to pay the price for it.

Someone tell him he should sleep now.

Oh God, that old dog, still keeps barking  
With his mouth wide open,
With a grizzly face stained at first glance,
And his breath smells of pig ears and doggy kibble
Mixed with a hint of burned ash.  
His love for me feels like fire,
That feels hot to the touch, but feels warm at a distance.

At this hour, the dead are helpless,
Alone and afraid. While the world moves on without them.

Someone should tell the him to leave me alone.  
I've had enough of his love that feels like his burning light is fading away.
“Behaving like a Ghoul” by André Partridge
In the manner of “Behaving like a Jew” by Gerald Stern

When I talked to my friends at the our usual table in the café
We would spend hours at a time talking about our favorite
Movie, comic book, and video game ideas to one another.
But one of my friends didn't seem to get my particular brand of
High-flying adventure mixed with horrifying and monstrous terror
And then my friend literally called me a “ghoul” because of that
I am sick of the people who don’t get me, the people who don’t get my vision,
The people that refused to listen, the people that refused to care,
The people that will call me “weird” or “disturbed” the first thing I say anything.
I am sick of being labeled as something inferior for having a different point of view
compared to the rest of my family and friend.
Starting now from now on, I am going to be unappeased at all the doubters and Nay-Sayers
From now on I am going to behave like a ghoul, to be unfettered and unbound to all of the
Stigma and restrictions that comes with being part of normalcy of “regular people”
And maybe then people will finally find out the true mastery, complexity and beauty of my work
And vision…but hey…who could really say anyways…only time will tell.
“Gone a While Ago” by André Partridge
In the manner of “The Orange Chair” by Robert Coleman

In the midst of an early fall morning,
I was arriving to class as usual like any other
Not knowing what to expect from today’s endless possibilities
Like a child looking inside a toy box for the first time.
But suddenly when least suspected it, something strange happened.

I stumble upon a little red leave crawling next to my feet as it tries
Desperately to fly among the autumn wind with the rest of his kin.
At first I thought very little of poor pathetic spec of foliage and try to
Go on my merry way. But something told me to stop. I don’t
Know what stopped me right then and there, but something about
That little red leave struck me as something …special,
Something that is actually worth keeping around.
Is it the small delicate frame?
Is it the overall bright stark coloring?
Or is it something else entirely?

But for whatever rhyme or reason,
Against my own better judgment.
I just had to take this thing home with me
Not to care for it mind you, but to study it.
Like they brilliant and well-trained deceives of Law and Order
I will Analyze it; dissect it, I will even try to interrogate it even,
Just so I can absolute pleasure of understanding, once and for all,
What made me drawn to this…Fascinating thing in the first place?

And after I imprisoned the subject in a special laminated casing
Like the aliens from Men in Black, I began my research.
For the several weeks that followed, I studied and analyzed
The subject carefully and thoroughly, and much like in the manner of
Detectives Mulder and Scully from the X-Files, I’d made sure nothing
Escapes my carful supervision under my under any circumcises.  But as hear
News about my Mother’s plan to making planned trip to go to Kansas City for
The weekend, I had no choice but to leave Subject 101 to his own devices, hopefully
By the time I get back from Kansas City, He will still be here. But by the time I did get
Back from Kansas City, Subject 101 had already made his escape, and to make matters worse,
I think he stole the 20 dollars I had in my wallet as well. So in the end, after all the torment and
Agony that I put this “poor pathetic spec of foliage” through. It is made completely apparent that
I myself is actually the real poor pathetic spec, for only a real poor pathetic spec can actually be
Tricked and fooled by a little red leave. And when the time came that I actually worked up the
Nerve to apologize for my actions…he had already been gone a while ago.
The Next Move

Detective Jade Yang finally arrived at Belmont, Virginia after driving through the dark snowy highway at 50 miles per hour, still mad at the idiotic skycap back at the airport for losing all of her luggage a couple of hours earlier. After being drawn to the light of the giant neon bowling pin sign at 4:30 in the morning, she arrived at a small all-night diner called “The Kingpin Café” near the old abandoned tuna fish canary further down the road, so finally Jade had some time to rest and tries to think of the ways to finally make her next move to catch the crazed pyromaniac Jasper Cole in the act, after her humiliating attempt at arresting him earlier back in New York. After waiting in her booth for a couple of hours, she starts focus on what to do next. Slouching in her seat, her small but muscular frame and voluptuous bust chafing against her old black polyester tank top, the smell of gardenias and magnolias forever stained on her old tattered leather jacket. Her long, toned, and athletic legs stretched across the floor underneath the booth which in seemed to go on into infinity. And finally her long black straight hair flowing gently behind her that stretches all the way to her ankles in a long, sharp, and neat ponytail. So then after she finally get some food into her system after eating one of everything on the menu, she noticed a huge explosion coming from the old abandoned tuna fish canary down the road. Knowing who’s to blame for this, she raced to her car and she jets down the road not realizing the full course meal she just ate might have been her last.
Martian Manhunter Villains

B'rett B'urnzz – A White Martian criminal who escaped captivity by stowing away inside an experimental rocket that overshot its mark from mars and was hiding on Earth in Middletown, U.S.A., where he immediately went on a destructive rampage. He carries a Martian steel sword that can destroy most things it hits.

Ma’alefa’ak/Malefic – A devotee of Darkseid, Malefic created a plague that wiped out nearly all Martians. His twin brother J'onn opposed him and they thought each other dead after a pitched battle. Years later, Ma’alefa’ak found his brother to be alive on Earth and followed to vex him once more.

The Master Gardener – The Master Gardener and his shape shifting Lizard Man came to Earth from mars during World War II, and took advantage of the terror and confusion of the time to infiltrate governments and communications cartels. They grew plants bearing fungus that bonded to the human nervous system, allowing them to control the very words they spoke under threat of spontaneous combustion.

The Human Flame – A villain who wore a special suit that allowed him to project fire, which is the weakness of the Martian Manhunter. He was the first actual supervillain the Manhunter faced.

D'kay D'razz – An insane female Green Martian who was pulled to Earth by Dr. Erdel. Years later she came out of hiding to plague J'onn J'onzz. She was obsessed with starting a new Martian race with him, but was ultimately rebuked.

Bette Noir – A hideous genetically engineered monster with telepathic abilities and has the astral form of a beautiful woman. She is an enemy and sometimes ally of the J'onn J'onzz.

Cay'an – One of the few surviving green Martians who blames the destruction of her people on J'onn J'onzz for being too lenient on his insane brother Malefic. Cay'an also brainwashed a group of White Martians to attack the Martian Manhunter.


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Andre .K. Partridge
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Well, im an american otaku living in a medium size red-neck city of Omaha Nebraska and i am also currently in Metro Community College. i love anime and manga and i wish i can show my artistic ideas but im not that good at putting them down on paper or computer, so i turned into a somewhat of a collector of exotic and bizzar artwork. and one day(and i hope it will be in the next 20 years or so) that i one day write a hit comic book or anime or manga for big companies like marvel,dc,shonenjump, heck even viz media. so yeah?.
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