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I just graduated from Metropolitan Community College Tuesday and i just finished with my classes for spring quarter so i'm really happy about that, but also got a cold around the same time so...yay?Sneeze: Ah... ahh.. ACHOO! Sneeze: Ah... ahh.. ACHOO! Sneeze: Ah... ahh.. ACHOO! 
The History of West Florida

By André K. Partridge

The Official History

British West Florida (1763-1783)

British West Florida was a colony of the Kingdom of Great Britain from 1763 until 1783 when it was ceded to Spain as part of the Peace of Paris (1783).
Effective British control had ended in 1781 when Spain had captured Pensacola. The territory subsequently became a colony of Spain, though parts of the territory were gradually annexed by the United States. It comprised the former region of West Florida, now part of the modern US states of Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Spanish West Florida (1783-1821)

Spanish West Florida (Spanish: Florida Occidental) was a province of the Spanish Empire from 1783 until 1821, when both it and East Florida were ceded to the United States. It comprised the region of West Florida, and initially had the same borders as the erstwhile British colony, though much of its territory was gradually annexed by the United States in the West Florida controversy. At its greatest extent, the colony included what are now Florida Parishes of Louisiana, the southern parts of Mississippi and Alabama, and the Panhandle of Florida. After their acquisition by the U.S., the remainder of West Florida was merged into the Florida Territory.

The Unofficial History

Republic of West Florida (1810)

The Republic of West Florida was a short-lived unrecognized republic in the region of West Florida which existed in 1810, and was then annexed to the United States.
The United States claimed West Florida as part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, a claim disputed by Spain. Spain claimed that West Florida was not part of Louisiana but a part of its Florida colony, and, like the other disputed territory, it had been conquered from England and not received from France. However, before 1762 France had owned the land west of the Perdido River in West Florida. The Louisiana territory had been ceded from France to Spain in 1762, and re-ceded to France in 1800. The United States and Spain held long, inconclusive negotiations on the status of West Florida.
In the meantime, American settlers established a foothold in the area and resisted Spanish control, and the British settlers who had remained after Spanish takeover also resented Spanish rule, leading to a rebellion in 1810 and the establishment of the independent Republic of West Florida, with its capital at St. Francisville, in present-day Louisiana, on a bluff along the Mississippi River.

State of Muskogee (1799-1832)

The State of Muskogee was a proclaimed sovereign nation located in Florida, founded in 1799 and led by William Augustus Bowles, a Loyalist veteran of the American Revolutionary War who lived among the Muscogee, and envisioned uniting the American Indians of the Southeast into a single nation that could resist the expansion of the United States. Bowles enjoyed the support of the Miccosukee(Seminole) and several bands of Muscogee, and envisioned his state as eventually growing to encompass the Cherokee, Upper and Lower Creeks, Choctaw and Chickasaw.
Onnazumo Club

By André Partridge

The Main Characters
• Jun Matsuda (松田ジュン): The main Japanese/Taiwanese protagonist and newest member of the Onnazumo Club.
• Masumi Harada (原田 真澄): Jun Matsuda’s loud-mouthed but energetic best-friend and the one who introduced Jun to the Onnazumo Club in the first place.
• Hikaru Tanaka (田中 ひかる): Hikari’s black haired Twin Sister & Satsuki’s Fan-girl/loyal servant/ Co-Teacher of the Onnazumo Club.
• Hikari Tanaka (田中 ヒカリ): Hikaru’s white haired Twin Sister & Satsuki’s Fan-girl/ loyal servant/ Co-Teacher of the Onnazumo Club.
• Satsuki Takayuki (タカユキ さつき): The Leader of the Onnazumo Club and Senior Class President at Jun’s school who is also the daughter of a world famous (or infamous) Sumo wrestler.

The Location: Osaka, Japan
Onnazumo Club
This is pretty much a Martial Arts Anime/Manga story of mine that I've been working on that's about a after school club about female sumo I hope you like it and enjoy?
How Disney would adapt Bluebeard?

By André Partridge

The Original Story: Basically, it's the original Lifetime movie. A woman marries a man named Bluebeard who tells her not to go inside a room. When Bluebeard goes out of town, curiosity gets the better of his wife, and she enters the room. There she sees that the room is stained with the blood of the man's ex-wives, and realizes that Bluebeard is a serial killer. He comes home and she has to try and escape before he kills her.

My Disney Version: Murder is cool in Disney movies, but only if it happens to parents. That's why I would probably make Bluebeard the protagonist's stepfather. When the girl goes into the forbidden room and realizes that Bluebeard is the one who murdered her mother, she enlists the help of a handsome young groundskeeper and her best friend Cuckoo the Australian Owl to get her out of the enchanted, labyrinthine castle before it's too late.
A Brief Field Guide into Choctaw Mythology

By André Partridge

Bohpoli: The Bohpoli are the little men of Choctaw mythology that are about two feet high, who dwelled alone in the thick, dark woods. The translation of Bohpoli is the "Thrower".  The little men themselves can be compared to the European counterparts- such as dwarfs, elves, gnomes, and leprechauns. The little men known as (ole) tend to be rather mischievous, but not malicious. The Choctaws believed that they held sticks and stones in them. All unexplained sounds heard in the woods were attributed to (ole) or the little men, believing it took a special pleasure in hitting the pine trees to create noise. The Bohpoli were never seen by the common Choctaws, only the prophets and doctors. The Indian doctors would report that Bohpoli assisted them in the manufacture of their medicines. Some stories even give the account that bohpoli would "steal" little children and take them into the woods, to teach them about herbs and medicines. After returning the children to their homes, Bohpoli would leave them alone, letting them grow up to become doctors of the tribe.

Kashehotapalo: An interesting being mentioned in some of the Choctaw’s historical writings. The Kashehotapalo is a combination of man and deer who delighted in frightening hunters. He was much admired for his speed and agility. If the Choctaws angered Kashehotapalo, he would race ahead of them and warn the enemy or animals being hunted.

Hoklonote: The Hoklonote is a bad spirit who could assume any shape it desired; it is considered to read people's thoughts.

Okwa Naholo: Okwa Naholo or (the white people of the water) dwelled in deep pools and had light skins like the skins of trout. They were believed to sometimes capture human beings whom they converted into beings like themselves. (white people of the water) dwelled in deep pools and had light skins like the skins of trout. They were believed to sometimes capture human beings whom they converted into beings like themselves.

Nalusa Falaya: was the soul-eater, great black being. If people allow evil thoughts or depression to enter their minds, it would creep inside them and eat their soul. The Nalusa Falaya or (long black being) resembled a man, but with very small eyes and long, pointed ears. He sometimes frightened hunters or transferred his power of doing harm. Some believed that Nalusa Falaya preferred to approach men by sliding on his stomach like a snake.
Hashok Okwa Hui'ga or (Grass Water Drop) was believed to have a connection to what is termed will-o-the-wisp. Only its heart is visible, and that only at night. Hashok Okwa Hui'ga leads astray anyone who looks at it.

Ishkitini: The Ishkitini, or the horned owl, was believed to prowl about at night killing men and animals. Many believed that when ishkitini screeched, it meant sudden death, such as a murder. If the ofunlo (screech owl) was heard, it was a sign that a child under seven in that family was going to die, because in size, it is a small owl. If opa (a common owl) perched in a barn or on trees near the house and hooted, it foreboded death among the near relatives.

Biskinik: the Biskinik or the Sapsucker, was known as the newsbird. If he landed on a tree in their yard early in the morning, some "hasty" news would come before noon. If he perched there late at night, the news would come before morning. The sapsucker, was known as the newsbird. If he landed on a tree in their yard early in the morning, some "hasty" news would come before noon. If he perched there late at night, the news would come before morning.

Heloha and Melatha: Heloha (thunder) and Melatha (lightning) were responsible for the dramatic thunderstorms. In Choctaw mythology, they were two huge birds. Heloha would lay her giant eggs in the clouds and they would rumble as they rolled around atop the clouds. Despite his size, her mate, Melatha, was extremely fast and left a trail of sparks as he streaked across the sky.

It was also believed that every man had a shilombish (the outer shadow) which always followed him, and shilup (the inner shadow, or ghost) which after death goes to the land of ghosts. The shilombish was supposed to remain upon the earth, and wander restlessly about its former home, often moaning, to frighten its surviving friends, as to make them forsake the spot, and seek another place to live. It was also supposed to assume the form of a fox, or owl; and by barking like the one, and screeching like the other at night, and will cause great consternation, for the cry was considered ominous of bad things. The Choctaws could tell between the shilombish and animals it imitates. When a fox barks, or an owl screeches, another fox or owl replies. But when the shilombish imitates the sound of either animal, no response is given.


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Andre .K. Partridge
United States
Well, im an american otaku living in a medium size red-neck city of Omaha Nebraska and i am also currently in Metro Community College. i love anime and manga and i wish i can show my artistic ideas but im not that good at putting them down on paper or computer, so i turned into a somewhat of a collector of exotic and bizzar artwork. and one day(and i hope it will be in the next 20 years or so) that i one day write a hit comic book or anime or manga for big companies like marvel,dc,shonenjump, heck even viz media. so yeah?.
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Well...I guess I'll be helping taking care of my grandparents with my mother this weekend so...yeah...I'll probably be gone for a couple of 

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