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Martian Manhunter Villains

B'rett B'urnzz – A White Martian criminal who escaped captivity by stowing away inside an experimental rocket that overshot its mark from mars and was hiding on Earth in Middletown, U.S.A., where he immediately went on a destructive rampage. He carries a Martian steel sword that can destroy most things it hits.

Ma’alefa’ak/Malefic – A devotee of Darkseid, Malefic created a plague that wiped out nearly all Martians. His twin brother J'onn opposed him and they thought each other dead after a pitched battle. Years later, Ma’alefa’ak found his brother to be alive on Earth and followed to vex him once more.

The Master Gardener – The Master Gardener and his shape shifting Lizard Man came to Earth from mars during World War II, and took advantage of the terror and confusion of the time to infiltrate governments and communications cartels. They grew plants bearing fungus that bonded to the human nervous system, allowing them to control the very words they spoke under threat of spontaneous combustion.

The Human Flame – A villain who wore a special suit that allowed him to project fire, which is the weakness of the Martian Manhunter. He was the first actual supervillain the Manhunter faced.

D'kay D'razz – An insane female Green Martian who was pulled to Earth by Dr. Erdel. Years later she came out of hiding to plague J'onn J'onzz. She was obsessed with starting a new Martian race with him, but was ultimately rebuked.

Bette Noir – A hideous genetically engineered monster with telepathic abilities and has the astral form of a beautiful woman. She is an enemy and sometimes ally of the J'onn J'onzz.

Cay'an – One of the few surviving green Martians who blames the destruction of her people on J'onn J'onzz for being too lenient on his insane brother Malefic. Cay'an also brainwashed a group of White Martians to attack the Martian Manhunter.
The Story

The story of Teen Titans Beyond takes place several years after the events of the original Teen Titan series where all off the team members moved on to bigger and better things while starting families of their own...right before Slade, Cinderblock, Overload, Plasmus and Slade's daughter Ravager mysteriously return to Jump City, kill off most of the Teen Titans after their big happy reunion and taking over all of Jump City and transformed the entire west coast of the United States as his own personal criminal empire. Now it is up to Cyborg and the children of the original Teen Titans as they try learn to work together to stop Slade and his army from taking over the rest of the world.

The Team

Cyborg: the official team leader and legal guardian of Nightstar, Wildman, Red Hood, and The Black Cats after all of their parents were tragically killed by the hands of Slade and his army

Nightstar:  Mar'i Grayson is the genius bruiser daughter of Nightwing and Starfire and the unofficial leader of the team

Wildman: Richard Logan is the ax-crazy metalhead son of Beast Boy and Raven the residential powerhouse of the team

Red Hood: Lian Harper is the insanely talented daughter of Speedy and Cheshire and the residential archer of the team

The Black Cats: Hilda and Zelda West are the identical twin daughters of Kid Flash and Jinx and the residential “Creepy Goth Twins” and “Bad-Luck Speedsters” of the team

The Villains






Among Many Others...
The Original Story

Snow White and Rose Red are two twin little girls living with their mother, a poor widow, in a small cottage. They are very good little girls; they love each other dearly; and their mother is very fond of them. Rose-Red is outspoken and cheerful and loves to play outside. Snow White is quiet and shy and prefers doing housework and reading. One winter night, there is a knock at the door. Rose Red opens the door to find a bear. At first, she is terrified, but the bear tells her not to be afraid. "I'm half frozen and I merely want to warm up a little at your place," he says. They let the bear in, and he lies down in front of the fire. Snow White and Rose Red beat the snow off the bear, and they quickly become quite friendly with him. They play with the bear and roll him around playfully. They let the bear spend the night in front of the fire; and, in the morning, he leaves, trotting out into the woods. The bear comes back every night for the rest of that winter, and the family grows used to him. When summer comes, the bear tells them that he must go away for a while to guard his treasure from a wicked dwarf. During the summer, when the girls are walking through the forest, they find a dwarf whose beard is stuck in a tree. The girls rescue him by cutting his beard free, but the dwarf is ungrateful and yells at them for cutting his beautiful beard. The girls encounter the dwarf several times that summer, rescue him from some peril each time and the dwarf is ungrateful each time. Then one day, they meet the dwarf once again. This time, he is terrified because the bear is about to kill him. The dwarf pleads with the bear and begs it to eat the girls instead, but the bear pays no heed and kills the dwarf with one swipe of his paw. Instantly, the bear turns into a prince. The dwarf had previously put a spell on the prince by stealing his precious treasures and turning him into a bear, but the curse is broken with the death of the dwarf. Then afterwards Snow White marries the prince and Rose Red marries the prince's brother and they all soon lived happily ever after.

The End

The Main Characters

Mother Hilda: The kind but poor widowed mother of Snow White and Red Rose.

Snow White: The beautiful young girl with snow white hair and ivory white skin and the shy but intelligent twin sister of Rose Red.

Rose Red: The beautiful young girl with rose red hair and ivory white skin and the brave and outgoing twin sister of Snow White.

Prince Adolph/The Bear: The kind and valiant prince that was cursed to become a bear by Bjorn the Dwarf and the best friend of Snow White and Rose Red who also soon marries Snow White at the end.

Bjorn the Dwarf: The ungrateful and villainous Dwarf that cursed the Prince to become a bear after he had already stolen many priceless treasures from him and the he is the enemy of Snow White, Rose Red and The two Princes themselves.

Prince Rudoplh: The Prince’s brother who helped his brother rescue Snow White and Rose Red from Bjorn the Dwarf and then soon marries Rose Red at the end.
Examples of Shape-shifting in Norse Mythology

Both Odin and Loki are shape shifters in Norse mythology. Both take on female forms, and Loki in the form of a mare that bore Sleipnir. The Lokasenna depicts the two of them taunting each other with it, as having been women through and through, having borne children (Any myths that depict Odin in female form have been lost, but the Lokasenna does contain references to many myths that are known to be believed).
In the Hyndluljóð, the goddess Freya transformed her protégé Óttar into a boar to conceal him. She also possessed a cloak of falcon feathers that allowed her to transform into a falcon, which Loki borrowed on occasion.
The Merchant's Sons is a Finnish story of two brothers, one of whom tries to win the hand of the tsar's wicked daughter. The girl does not like her suitor and endeavors to have him killed, but he turns her into a beautiful mare which he and his brother ride. In the end he turns her back into a girl and marries her.
The Volsunga saga contains many shape shifting characters. Siggeir's mother changed to a wolf to help torture his defeated brothers-in-law with slow and igmonious deaths. When one, Sigmund, survived, him and his nephew and son Sinfjötli killed men wearing wolf skins; when they donned the skins themselves, they were cursed to become werewolves.
The dwarf Andvari is described as being able to magically turn into a pike. Alberich, his counterpart in Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, takes on many forms, including a giant serpent and a toad, in a failed attempt to impress or intimidate Loki and Odin/Wotan.
Fafnir was originally a dwarf, a giant or even a human, depending on the exact myth, but in all variants he transformed into a dragon—a symbol of greed—while guarding his ill-gotten hoard. His brother, Ótr, enjoys spending time as an otter, which leads to his accidental slaying by Loki.
In Scandinavia, there existed, for example, the famous race of she-werewolves known with a name of Maras. If a female at midnight stretches between four sticks the membrane which envelopes the foal when it is brought forth, and creeps through it, naked, she will bear children without pain; but all the boys will be shamans, and all the girls Maras. Women who took on the appearance of the night looking for huge monster half human and half wolf. The transformation was slow and subjects suffered from screaming, hair and nails grow, the woman's face stretched into that of a hungry wolf meat and leaving room for animal instinct. In fact, the Maras were almost all women from peasant and plebeian classes.
My Version of The Island of Doctor Moreau
By André Partridge  

The Story

The story of the Island of Doctor Moreau follows the narration of Edward Patrick, a shipwrecked Englishman who is rescued by a passing boat and is left and abandon on the shores of the remote and uncharted island home of Doctor André Moreau, a mad scientist who spends his time creating a race of highly intelligent humanoid-like beings from the DNA of animals through genetic experimentation and follows the trials and tribulations of Edward Patrick as he tries desperately to escape the dangerous and bizarre Island of Doctor Moreau while trying to keep his life and sanity intact. The story of Doctor Moreau primarily deals with a number of philosophical themes, including pain and cruelty, moral responsibility, human identity, and human interference with nature.

The Main Cast

• Edward Patrick: The narrator and main protagonist of the story.

• Dr. André Moreau: A once renowned French geneticist who has fled scandal to live on a remote island in the South Pacific to pursue his research of perfecting his Beast Folk.

• Dr. Montgomery Blake: Dr. Moreau's assistant and Patrick’s rescuer. He was a well-known biologist who enjoyed a simple life of happiness in England before he was forcibly captured and hired by Dr. Moreau as his assistant. He’s an alcoholic who feels some sympathy for the Beast Folk.

The Beast Folk: Animals upon which Moreau has experimented upon, giving them human traits through extensive genetic experimentation. They include:

• Mei-ling: One of Dr. Moreau's first experiments and Montgomery's most loyal servant. Dr. Moreau combined a lion, a tiger and a bear to create her.

• The Prophet: A large grey wolf/human hybrid creature that recites Dr. Moreau's teachings about being men to the other Beast Folk.

• Leopard Man: A leopard-based rebel creature who breaks the law of the island by killing and eating a rabbit.

• Hyena man: A carnivorous hyena/ human hybrid creature who becomes Patrick’s enemy in the wake of Dr. Moreau's death.

• Fox Witch:  A female fox/human hybrid creature that passionately supports the Prophet and Dr. Moreau. Which Patrick quickly takes a great dislike to her.

• Satyr Man: A goat/human hybrid creature. That is often described as unsettling and "Satanic" in appearance as mentioned by Patrick.

• Dog-Man: A Beast Man created from a German shepherd who near the end of the story becomes Patrick’s faithful companion. He is so like a domestic dog in character that Patrick himself barely noticed when he reverts to a more animalistic form. He is later killed by the Hyena-Man.

• Sloth Boy: A small and pink sloth/human hybrid that is described by Patrick as resembling similarly to that of a flayed child.

• Ape-Man: A human/gorilla hybrid creature that considers himself equal to Patrick and refers to himself and Patrick as "Five Men" because they both have five fingers on each hand which is uncommon among the Beast Folk. He is the first Beast Man other than Mei-ling that Patrick speaks to.
My Version of The Island of Doctor Moreau
Like the title suggest... this is pretty much my version of The Island of Dr. Moreau if I were to adapt the story into a movie or something....anyways...hope you enjoy guys this.     


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